About us


Wallsend Town Business Association also known as WOW Wallsend is an avenue for local business people to come together to develop local strategies and manage funded projects aimed at promoting their local business precinct. We are currently seeking expressions of interest to grow our BOARD.

You are automatically a member of your local Business Association if you are reading this email as you have a business or own a commercial property within the boundaries of the identified area where a Special Business Rate Levy is collected. This rate is accumulated from commercial property rates.

There a four Business Improvement Associations; Mayfield, Newcastle CBD, Hamilton, and Wallsend. They are non-for-profit organisations that via a Service Agreement with the City of Newcastle are responsible for the disbursement of up to $100,000 annually for the purposes of beautification, economic development, and promotion of the identified area in each precinct. Mayfield brings you two events each year: Wallsend brings the community Christmas and school holiday events, as well as sponsoring the local Op Shop Trail, Handmade Markets in the Rotunda Park, and other activities throughout the year.

The Association is independent to Council and managed by a centralised, independent Support Person who is appointed by City of Newcastle on a contractual basis to conduct all secretariat work for the Boards. They are all made up of a Board of volunteers from local businesses and the community.

So, if you are a tenant, you are paying the levy in your rent so why not get involved with your local Wallsend Town Business Association and make a difference in your area. No special qualifications needed and only an hour of your time each month for a meeting in Wallsend.

Find out more by emailing us at info@wallsndtown.com.au or follow us on social media Facebook wowwallsendtown  or  Instagram wallsendtown

We are actively engaged in advocating for business and work closely with the City of Newcastle, political members of the electoral area of Newcastle and any number of stakeholders.

Mission & Vision

We will use professional, respectful operations and effective communication to enable economic diversity and growth, to support business endeavours locally and in the wider City of Newcastle, to promote Wallsend and it’s place within the City of Newcastle, and to create a beautiful, welcoming place for people to work, visit and live.

How we do this

We exist to promote the Wallsend Precinct and we do this in the following way:

  •  Promote the development, beautification and advancement of the commercial interests of businesses within the WTBA precinct through a coordinated and structured promotion, advocacy and planning program
  • Administer funds provided to WTBA by the City of Newcastle for the purposes for which the Special Rate is levied and from time to time, ensure that any other income, funding or grants received by WTBA, deliver services, programs and outcomes that add value to the precinct
  • Act responsibly and compliantly and with the best interests of its members and stakeholders as key priorities.
  • Do all things as are, or may be incidental to, or conducive to, the attainment of these objects.