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Address: 109 Nelson St, Wallsend NSW 2287, Australia

Raine & Horne


 We believe honesty is the best asset you can have in a business and we believe that honesty is the heart of a our quality promise. Our staff selection policy is to hire people of character and integrity – the right people mean honourable people – everything else can be taught. In fact many family members and lifetime friendships form the basis of the some 40 staff employed within the business.

 We regard our clients as friends. We meet them socially, go to lunch/coffee with them, send them Newsletters etc, and enjoy fulfilling their real estate needs by providing a quality marketing service that they can trust to bring them results. So our reason for existence is to serve this higher purpose, and this is encapsulated in our motto: “Offering you a better way of life” because we believe that with our help we can enable you to improve your lifestyle by helping you move home and maintain the community and life you can enjoy and aspire to.