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Address: 117/121 Nelson St, Wallsend NSW 2287, Australia

Break Thru People Solutions


Break Thru is an Australian owned, not for profit company that specialises in Employment, Training & Community Services. We help create self-sustaining futures.

Break Thru operates with the belief that we can affect real and lasting change to the lives of all members of the local community. Break Thru provides a range of specialist services across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Our area of expertise is in providing employment services to all job seekers such as people who are long term unemployed, Indigenous Australians, people with a disability and those from non-english speaking backgrounds.

Break Thru also offers a range of accredited and non accreditedskills training and education services for both employers and jobseekers. Our training caters for a wide array of people including those that are mature aged, parents returning to the workforce or those looking for work after injury or illness.

Break Thru’s Community Services supports and improves life for clients, and their families, who are mentally, intellectually or physically disadvantaged. In tackling the increasing complexity of barriers confronting many people, Break Thru recognises that their success relies on the connection and support of the wider community. These partnerships have enabled Break Thru to assist thousands of people to break thru barriers and create self-sustaining futures. In 2011, Break Thru was awarded as the Employer of Choice in the Public Sector and