Chris Dixon – Hughes

General Board

NextGen Wellness

My life mission is to help people where ever I can. To do this, I operate several businesses in various fields including wellness, technology and marketing.

NextGen Wellness helps people to feel and be their best. We empower men and women to create a better life experience by providing wellness support and education as well as a series of products and services that help people to achieve their goals.

I started NextGen Marketing as a platform to help small businesses, like me, market their products and services correctly. I want to help people like me, who want to do something in business – but didn’t have the knowledge or skills to execute it – to build it into something successful that brings them plenty of business. As I’ve been running businesses for many years.

Behind the scenes I enjoy keeping fit – through cycling and swimming; playing with my pets (Puddy and Piper), cooking and spending time with my girlfriend, friends, and family. I love to know how things work, working on the farm with my parents, flying my drone, meeting new people, fixing cars, renovating houses and learning new things.